London Based Prince Tantric Massage in the comfort of your own home 07803 315311

Why wait until tomorrow to get the best massage of your life? I offer intense relaxation in the form of deep tissue and therapeutic massage with strong hands that have an unparalleled touch. You will get well taken care of by a Prince and be treated special like you are a King. Call or text me on 07803 315 311

You will feel totally comfortable and relieved from the first moment that you get on the bed. Before we begin the massage we will talk, taking whatever time is needed for me to get to know you. Tell me what you feel is necessary for me to address your therapeutic and emotional needs. Ask any questions you may have. You’ll have my full attention. I am available for you, for companionship, counselling, and massage. You will feel better about yourself and more comfortable with how you look and feel when you enter my NO JUDGMENT zone and get pampered and taken care of.

You should feel free to be your true self with me, because I will give you compassionate attention in an unconditional environment. You can unpack your day or week, have a relaxing and stimulating massage, and then go out into the world with less worries.

Massages are more than just indulgences. They’re proven health, mood, and sleep treatments!! You will likely feel both zoned-out and exhilarated all at the same time. Full body massage includes complete relaxation as I massage your entire body with amazing skill and finesse. After you shed all of your stress, you will enjoy much better sleep and less body aches! You can achieve not only the desired feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation but also long lasting therapeutic effects.

Whether you are craving a relaxing experience as a Straight, Gay, Bi, Curious, Single, Married, Divorced MALE, know that you are welcome here, just as you are. Come and shed the stresses of your day and feel secure in knowing that confidentiality is of the utmost importance.


Your massage will take all your stress away while my hands work deep to release every tight knot and place of tension that you have. My true calling is promoting profound changes in your body, mind, and spirit which will make a difference in your quality of life. You will experience the genuine joy and commitment I give to making you feel incredible and appreciated.

I will use my intuitive skill, body, and unique sensual touch to release your stress bondage so you can float away into the relaxation zone. I will start out on your back, neck and shoulder area, gradually relaxing you with long, gliding strokes, and then as you begin to enter the zone, I will gently focus on your high tension (and soreness) areas, especially in the low back, shoulders, and glutes. I will never take my hands off from you or lose sight of my main focus, which is to relax you and make you melt. Your massage experience will then be heightened by my feather-like strokes up and down your body as I slowly ease my way to your feet, calves, and then your hamstring and feet areas.

The massage strokes will vary from a soft, medium, or a heavy touch-depending on what your body’s needs are. It is important to communicate what level of pressure you prefer so I can make it an enjoyable and therapeutic.

With massage therapy techniques, intuition, and a deep understanding of your body, all your tension and stress will vanish. I’ll give you a truly relaxing, soothing, therapeutic massage experience which will satisfy you physically and emotionally.

Treat yourself to something special. Nothing relaxes and awakens the senses like a good strong massage. I am a muscular male who enjoys giving the gift of touch to other men. I give a strong massage filled with energy, or if you prefer just a relaxing, smoothing gentle message, I am able to do that for you.

During your massage my touch and pressure are entirely based on you, how your muscles are responding to my bodywork, and I adjust the depth and speed of my touch accordingly. My instincts are pretty good at intuiting what you need and what would be best for you. I do encourage feedback to make sure you receive the exact massage you want.

Be prepared to be pampered! My goal above all will be to provide an EXCEPTIONAL experience with TOTAL SATISFACTION AND RELAXATION!

So whether it’s a 3+ hour pampering session, or a 60 or 90 minutes therapy or relaxation, I look forward to helping you feel appreciated, pampered, and relaxed!

This is a personal OUTCALL service which can be in the comfort of your home or hotel or wherever you feel best.

I offer:

Companionship, Counselling and Massage

Price: £200 per hour

To schedule an appointment you can email me or for a faster response, you can text me. I always do my best to get every appointment on the books as quickly as is possible. I really understand when one of ‘those’ days creeps up and smacks you in the face and you need a massage STAT.

If the time you were looking for is not available, then you and I will find a time that works for both of us. My schedule is extremely flexible. Appointments are scheduled on first come first served basis.

Call or text me on 07803 315 311


My name is Prince by the way

See you soon J

London based Prince provides a tantric massage in the comfort of your own home. 07803 315311

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