How to Add Your Male Massage Listing

I’m really keen for as many men as possible who attended the classes to start offering their massage. To get started all you need is about 10 words to use as a mission statement. A photo of yourself or a symbol to represent your massage. And an email or mobile number. You need to use strong positive words to describe yourself and the massage experience you are offering. I think it’s a good idea to say what sort of men you prefer to work with. It’s quite powerful to say for example that you like working with older men, but try not to use words that might in any way offend anyone. You could also think about offering different sessions. You could offer for example a 60 minutes massage and maybe a longer session that could include the undressing ritual, and maybe a bathing ritual for 120.  Please leave a reply below including your details and attach file, a picture or symbol to represent yourself or your massage.

If you cannot get to the classes and still want to be listed please leave a comment here