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What makes my workshops unique is that there are no long lectures as I believe that sexological learning is more effective when bypassing your conscious mind. The only thing you have to do is breathe, everything else is optional. Don’t worry if there is something you don’t understand, as I will explain is clearly on the day. Feels free to leave comments or questions below

The Undressing Ritual

The Big Draw Technique

Intro to the Chakra System



The Lingam also has it’s own chakra system

cock tantra 4

Gently tap or vibrate at a point to represent each chakra.


Some Ideas 4 Your Massage



I’m really keen for as many men as possible who attended the classes to start offering their massage. To get started all you need is about 10 words to use as a mission statement. A photo of yourself or a symbol to represent your massage. And an email or mobile number. You need to use strong positive words to describe yourself and the massage experience you are offering. I think it’s a good idea to say what sort of men you prefer to work with. It’s quite powerful to say for example that you like working with older men, but try not to use words that might in any way offend anyone. You could also think about offering different sessions. You could offer for example a 60 minutes massage and maybe a longer session that could include the undressing ritual, and maybe a bathing ritual for 120. I am starting a little website like directory of men who have attended the workshop and who are now offering their massage. It’s at Let me know if you would like me to make you a page.

5 thoughts on “Become a Tantric Masseur

    1. Hello Rob, The main connection is at the 3rd eye. On the body chakras that is the point between the man’s eye-brows. On the man’s cock that is a point just below his frenulum. This energy zone represents wisdom, so you are connecting the wisdom of the mind, with the wisdom of the cock, and that is a lot of wisdom!

  1. Maybe I will ask a silly question can someone explain a little bit more how does the tantric massage works? I am new to this one and would like to uderstand more of it 🙂 thanks

    1. Hello, M Ember, good to hear from you. Great question. The tantra massage is a slow respectful full body sensual massage. It’s like a prayer. In Tantric philosophy, all a man’s goodness comes from his lingam(penis). So the massage involves very relaxed breathing and slow awakening of the lingam to create a magickal energy that we circulate to certain sacred points(called chakras) in his body. What i like about tantra, is it’s simplicity. You simply touch with an intention to make your partner feel amazing.

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