The Door is Open – Class Notes A-Z Penis Massage Manchester 29/10/16

We are very proud that we are creating a space in Manchester where men can come and massage each other with trust, truth and respect. Maybe opening a door for you that you didn’t even realize was closed. Great class for both beginners to male massage, and also for the more experienced. 26 easy to learn and remember techniques. The techniques are designed to work equally as well on both a flaccid and erect penis.The class begins with our undressing ritual, an opportunity to awaken your touch, and to make a connect with a partner of your choice.

After the undressing ritual, we will have a demonstration of our slow respectful penis massage. Relaxing, loving, artistic and natural Genital Massage For Men. We will explain why all a man’s goodness comes from his penis, and how by slow sensual penis massage, we can move that energy around his body, and create magick, making him feel simply magnificent.

The most important advice I can give to anyone who wants to give an amazing penis massage is that the secret is in your intention. Your intention should be to celebrate the man’s beautiful penis and not to make him ejaculate. 


You should encourage him to breathe deeply throughout the ritual, huge big deep breathe right down into his tummy, as you breathe in unison with him.

Put one hand on his tummy to feel him breathe as you encourage him to accept pleasure, surrender, and allow stillness and patience. Now  gently pour some warm oil like raindrops falling onto his penis and balls.

Rub your hands together and make sure they are lovely and warm. Begin the ritual by gently massaging his legs as wide apart as is comfortable for him.

What I am creating in Manchester is unique. Maybe opening a door for you that you didn’t even realize was closed. A safe space for men to touch each other with trust truth and respect. I firmly believe that all men need and benefit deeply from this type of touch. It’s a bit of a gentleman’s revolution.  If I am completely honest, I could do with a little more support. Can you make our class on Saturday?

the Revised A-Z of Penis Massage.

Saturday, Oct 29, 2016, 2:00 PM

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