Male Massage Techniques

The Best Collection of Male Massage Videos promoting excellence in male touch and massage


Kalari Male Massage – Center Namaste

Great ideas for giving a male massage standing up and without a massage table
Tantric Male Head Massage 4 cosmic energy

Male Massage face-down – Back routine with sensual finish

Begin at the feet male massage technique


Indian body massage at Hogenakkal Falls

Australian Sports Physiotherapist Andy Stephens demonstrates some effective massage techniques to help improve lower back flexibility prior to sports participation. A mighty technique to awaken his kuntalini kundalini

Gay male to male massage technique – Shoulder Massage


Shoulder massage techniques demonstrated and practiced on male

Male Facial Massage and Treatments

Indian Hot Oil Body Massage (Indian Flexibility)

Hot Oil MALE massage at a Kalarippayattu dojo in India. These martial artists use their feet instead of their hands to apply more pressure and precision, and thus resulting in a more effective massage. This video explains the ancient secrets of one of the oldest martial arts.

Oil massage pumping techniques for the quads and glutes and lower back and energy line oil male massage

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